Sales Development

After an initial process of market research and pricing comparison we will go to work to bring your sales campaign to life

Sales Development

The key to developing sales whether they be direct or online is to ensure the offer is compelling, that it is unique in some way, priced competitively and presented effectively – whether this is achieved verbally, online through your company website or via printed materials.

After completing an initial process of market research and pricing comparison we will then start working to bring your sales campaign to life.

We have more than 50 years’ experience in this space and have strong sales people, great web developers and content creators.

We make use of the growing social media channels to bring sales to your business through unique posts and video to ensure your business is at the top of your customers mind.

I had the immense pleasure of working with Tony for almost ten years. This was a period of unprecedented change for the publishing industry, the most significant being the growth of the internet. Tony’s incredible ability to bring together, motivate and manage teams to achieve the company’s objectives is second to none. Never afraid of change, Tony is nevertheless grounded enough to know when basic, proven methods can achieve the best results. A great team player but equally comfortable and effective left to his own devices.

Karl Dimmock, Director at Concept Building Solutions – Horsham & Managing Director Media Services Sussex Ltd

Tony achieved a great deal in his time with Newsquest. His leadership was instrumental in amongst other things, driving the audience and digital revenue success of the Brighton Argus, which won last year’s Excellence Award for best news brand and Digital Centre of the Year which now generates almost 50% of its ad revenue from digital. He has also led the transformation our South London portfolio. He brings teams with him and is a strong commercial and entrepreneurial business leader.

Henry Faure Walker, Chief Executive at Newsquest

I worked with Tony for a number of years. Tony is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial people that I have worked with, a fount of new business ideas and with the drive and skill-sets to actually make them happen. He is good with people, creating and managing effective teams, and has genuinely added to every business that I have seen him working in. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him.

Lawrie Procter, Managing Director at Mediaforce

Our 50 years’ experience of leading businesses to success at the highest level is at your disposal